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Display the location of your products, staff or loved ones in real time

  • Display the position in real time
  • SOS Function
  • Control and coordination of your mobile units
  • Personal protection
  • Cost optimisation with real time information
  • Geo-fencing
  • Web-based platform (Web 2.0)

Trace & Tracking

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In this manner, you always keep an eye on the road

  • Visualisation of the route on an exact map with time, date and speed
  • Various evaluation possibilities
  • Precise logbook
  • Export functionality
  • Open interfaces
  • Web-based platform (Web 2.0)

Order allotment

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For quick, solid and determined working

  • Online order transmission
  • Real time status display
  • Route navigation to the order location
  • Connection to ERP systems
  • Digital time clock / time registration
  • Open interfaces for importing and exporting
  • Web-based platform (Web 2.0)