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Display the location of your products, staff or loved ones in real time:

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The location of your staff, products, friends or loved ones is no longer a secret thanks to the product “localisation” by GPS Systems.

By using the latest technology, our solution enables you to display the current position, speed and direction of mobile units on a web-based map with a high degree of accuracy. The GPS transmitter used can be of the type found in common PDAs, those in installed systems or portable special equipment.

Position data is transmitted in optimised intervals by means of GPRS data transmission of the mobile unit to our highperformance server. In this manner, the information is available in real time and safeguarded against unauthorised access on a secured Internet platform.

You can find information regarding the current position of all mobile units at a single glance and from any location and you will be able to make your decisions even more quickly and efficiently.

Quick, easy and efficient

Whether for the flexible coordination of your service technicians, field staff and vehicles or for the protection of mobile investments such as containers, construction machinery, money transports and rental cars – all this and much more can be realised with our GPS solution. Additionally, it can be utilised for the protection of children, senior citizens or animals.

With “Localisation” you have a secure grip on location and safety.


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