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Order allotment

For quick, solid and determined working:

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You can react in a quick and flexible manner with the “order allotment” product.

“The creation of order allotments enables you to meet the demands of your clients.”

You are in real time contact with your staff, irrespective whether they are field staff, taxi drivers or chauffeurs. You know their location, order or the status of their respective activities at all times. In this manner, you can allot the closest or available vehicle. You transmit assignments by means of GSM/GPRS to your staff via an Internet platform with a high degree of availability. The respective member of staff confirms the receipt of the order via his PDA. Navigation begins immediately and guides him to the order location. You receive the status report with pinpoint accuracy at your dispatch centre. In this manner, you can dispatch your assignments or employments in a professional and customer-friendly manner. Following the successful completion of the assignment the driver transmits his current status by a simple touch of a button and is subsequently ready for new tasks.

Quick, easy and efficient

By means of the combination with our products “localisation” and “Trace & Tracking”, you will receive a comprehensive package for the allotment of your assignments and the supervision of your staff. The open interface structure enables the connection to any ERP system. The work environment remains the same for your dispatchers.


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