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In this manner, you always keep an eye on the road:

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With the “Trace & Tracking” product you can at all times track back which particular route was taken at a certain point in time and with which speed it was covered.

The mobile units transmit their current position, direction and speed in predefined intervals to our computer centre, which is connected directly to the Internet via high-speed connections.

The position values can be immediately displayed on a map, evaluated and processed further.

The visualised presentation of the route is a unique control instrument. Additionally, various export formats create the foundation for the analysis and optimisation of your routes.

Quick, easy and efficient

Whether for the planning of your resources such as lorries, delivery vans or control of field service vehicles – the “Trace & Tracking” product gives you clarity and control. Travel expenses can be exactly divided into a company and private category and interpreted down to a metre.

You have access from anywhere and can keep a clear view of the distance covered by means of the user-friendly interface (AJAX / Web 2.0).

The web-based map material enables you to work with the most current data and information. Permanent support as well as the possibility to archive and retrieve data add additional safety.

You do not have to install any software. You operate the entire application via the protected and encrypted Internet platform of GPS Systems.


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